An island-nation in the Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu was jointly ruled by the United Kingdom and France under a 1906 system known as the British-French Condominium. Named the New Hebrides by Captain Cook in the 18th century, the nation was re-named Vanuatu – meaning ‘Our Land Forever’ – upon achieving independence. Vanuatu’s economy is dominated by small-scale farming and fishing, with primary exports including kava, coconut, and cocoa. Tourism, primarily from Australia and New Zealand, faltered after the passage of Tropical Cyclone Pam in 2015, but continues to account for a large part of Vanuatu’s GDP. China is establishing a growing presence in Vanuatu, particularly through investment and loan schemes.

  • Official name: Republic of Vanuatu
  • National anthem: We, We, We
  • Location: South Pacific Ocean, Oceania
  • Capital city: Port Vila
  • Official language: English; French; Bislama
  • Independence: 30 July 1980, from the United Kingdom and France (the British-French Condominium)
  • Government type: Parliamentary democratic republic
  • Head of State: President
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister
  • Basis of legal system: English common law; French civil law; customary law
  • Currency: Vanuatu vatu
  • Climate: Tropical


The Vanuatu Development Support Programme

  • Two concurrent citizenship by investment programmes: the Development Support Programme (DSP) and the Vanuatu Contribution Programme (VCP).
  • Since the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (No. 34 of 2018), the DSP is no longer limited to honorary citizenship. Since 2019, it is also more competitive in price as compared to the VCP
  • Applications under the DSP are processed by the Citizenship Office and Commission
  • There is only one option for citizenship: a contribution. 25 per cent of the contribution is non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of the application
  • Due Diligence, Application, and Certificate Fees apply
  • The oath of allegiance procedure normally must be completed in the physical presence of a Commissioner for Oaths located in Vanuatu, Dubai, Hong Kong, or Singapore, with exceptions now in place as a result of Covid-19 travel restrictions
  • Representative agent can only be changed in limited circumstances
  • No language test, interview, or culture or history exam